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Battle Harbour caters to the man of the millennial era. It is not Its structured fit ready to wear clothing is made with subtle design and workmanship to make a man look dapper at all times. Battle harbour owns a deep understanding of the psyche of the fashion world and it reflects in his collections that are intelligent, studied, imaginative and completely innovative yet always relevant and awe-inspiring.

Battle Harbour is the modern luxury shopping destination for all confident fashion customers. It is crafted with an emphasis on traditional tailoring using handcrafted techniques for surface orna- mentations with a contemporary approach with an ambition to build a brand that believes in creating an experience to enhance people’s lifestyle by doing what they love the most - Luxury Clothing & Accessories.

Our Story

The journey of Battle harbour began back in the year 2002 with the aim to revolutionize luxury men fashion wear in India. Amit Shah - The man behind the success of Battle Harbour undisputed quality and modern designs. His speciality in detailing is what makes the men’s luxury wear of battle harbour unique and fashionable. Without his creativity and commitment to Battle Har- bour, it would've been impossible for Battle harbour to make it big.

The idea was once considered to be "Just a Dream impossible to turn it into reality " by many industry experts based on its limitations. We started work- ing out in making a recipe of the right ingredients to make this dream into reality. And today we are successfully running the first battle harbour store on a complete autopilot mode and moving a step ahead to set up a second one in the form of " BATTLE HARBOUR EXPERIENCE LOUNGE"

Battle Harbour is a young, ambitious and dynamic brand that aspires to set, develop and maintain higher standards of Men’s luxury fashion in the indus- try. Our aim is to offer exclusive, elegant and iconic designs of quality to our customers over Pan India.

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Providing you with maximum level of comfort & confidence in every suit!

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